ABC of Ching Ming Festival in 350 words

Initially published: Mar 2018 The Ching Ming Festival (literally meaning ‘clean and bright’ festival) or the Tomb Sweeping Day, observed by the Chinese for over 2500 years, falls on the 4th of April this year. It’s the day that Chinese people visit the tombstones of their ancestors to pay their respect. It is similar to the All saint day or the day of the dead, in the Western world. The defuncts have a very special place in the Chinese culture. Traditionally, they are buried intact close to the native place, so that they can watch over descendants. Practicality has also been a key driver for this tradition: being buried close to the family’s residence allowed their descendants to take care o

Tai Kwun: A neighborhood community conscious centre for heritage & arts

The well-known revitalized Tai Kwun (Central Police Station compound) has been drawing people’s attention since its opening in May 2018. I’m sure you have heard or been to Tai Kwun either to enjoy the charm of the majestic historical buildings or one of the many exhibitions or art performances it show cases. Some major shows have been done there such as Murakami VS Murakami at JC Contemporary the gallery. Tai Kwun 101, one of the large scale exhibition showcases 101 objects related to the Central Police Station compound and chronicles interesting stories about what actually happened in these historic buildings over time. It is where a one-stop-shop for law and order in Hong Kong was not so l

To Mask or not to Mask: Their perceived importance in fighting Covid-19

The first time I put on the mask since Covid-19 outbreak was during a flight to Malaysia, just before Chinese New Year. Relatives were concerned I might be bringing Covid-19 to them hence I wore the mask to appease their worries. When I got back to HK 2 weeks later, I noticed 90% of Asians on the street wore masks. “Should I wear mask?” I asked myself. After speaking to a few friends, I decided the answer should not be about me but the people around me. Picture: Rather than guessing, Anny, a local Hong Konger and I decided to ask a few friends about their personal take on wearing the masks. Initially, we were thinking to collect feedback via whatsapp from 15 to 20 friends. Encour

Get a cup of Positivi’Tea in the Central N Western district

When all else fails, try a cup of tea. Either hot or cold, after drinking it, it cools heads and anxieties. Rather than drinking the same teas day in and day out, try the myriad Teahouses available in our ‘Hood. Tealosophy The name itself make you think for a second, does'nt it? A teahouse for tea connoisseurs, they are serious about their teas with a variety from Japanese teas, Chinese teas and decaf teas on offer. The tea is paired with light Japanese soup rice or rice balls and appetizers for a lunch set. Try their pretty Japanese snacks on display in the glass cabinets to pair with the tea. Also on offer are Japanese tea ceremony workshops. For those who always forget to charge their mob

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