Tai Kwun: A neighborhood community conscious centre for heritage & arts

The well-known revitalized Tai Kwun (Central Police Station compound) has been drawing people’s attention since its opening in May 2018. I’m sure you have heard or been to Tai Kwun either to enjoy the charm of the majestic historical buildings or one of the many exhibitions or art performances it show cases.

Some major shows have been done there such as Murakami VS Murakami at JC Contemporary the gallery. Tai Kwun 101, one of the large scale exhibition showcases 101 objects related to the Central Police Station compound and chronicles interesting stories about what actually happened in these historic buildings over time.

It is where a one-stop-shop for law and order in Hong Kong was not so long ago. Imagine for a second that you are arrested and suspected to be a criminal. The legal procedure would go quick and easy: You get caught by police, you go to the court. Found guilty? After getting your sentence you go straight to prison. Time-saving and convenient if you look at the positives of the situation 😉😉. These are big picture though, there is always something you can re-discover the same site over and over. Let’s see the little stories.

Source: Tai Kwun