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Get a cup of Positivi’Tea in the Central N Western district

When all else fails, try a cup of tea. Either hot or cold, after drinking it, it cools heads and anxieties. Rather than drinking the same teas day in and day out, try the myriad Teahouses available in our ‘Hood.

  1. Tealosophy

The name itself make you think for a second, does'nt it? A teahouse for tea connoisseurs, they are serious about their teas with a variety from Japanese teas, Chinese teas and decaf teas on offer. The tea is paired with light Japanese soup rice or rice balls and appetizers for a lunch set. Try their pretty Japanese snacks on display in the glass cabinets to pair with the tea. Also on offer are Japanese tea ceremony workshops. For those who always forget to charge their mobiles, they have plugs at each table so you can while your time away with a cuppa tea and a phone. Alternatively, search for a small bookcase with some Chinese and English books available mainly based on tea theme. Remember to ask for a glass cup if you’re drinking there.

Address: 38 Wyndham Street, Central (search 汴京茶寮 on google maps)


Opening times: Sun- Thurs 11:30 am-8 pm

Fri-Sat: 11:30 am -11:00 pm

2. Green Ginkgo Tea

A cozy teashop with a few seats serving Japanese tea. Price range can be reasonable (around $40+ for a cup) to flat-out expensive. Recommend the black bean hoijicha for decaf option. There are some books available to while away the hours or sit outside to people-watch.

Address: Shop 1A, 1 Tai Ping Shan St, Tai Ping Shan


Opening times: Mon-Sun 12:30 pm-6:30 pm

  1. DK Aromatherapy

An English teahouse and aromoatherapy shop merged into one, they want to be all things to all women. Enjoy English tea with scones set while partaking in some aromatherapy. A room at the back is cartoon-cat themed with some books available. Good for a gals’ afternoon day out for some chatting. Don’t bring your male half here, probably won’t appreciate the girly interior design. Loose teas in bamboo cans and house-made aromatherapy bottles sold here. Also have a range of workshops to learn how to mix aromatherapy liquids and make your own mosquito repellant.

  1. Teakha

On the pricey side, Teakha is a popular teahouse for the hip and happening crowd. There’s a vibe that is not-quite coffeehouse jazzy and laid-back but bright, airy and energetic about this place. Just about makes up for the pricey teas (around $50+ for a brewed tea with teapot). It’s a place to see and be seen.

Address: Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan St, Sheung Wan


Opening times: Mon, Wed-Fri: 9:00 am-6:00 pm

Sat-Sun: 8:30 am-7:00 pm

Wed: 9:00 am-6 pm

  1. Lock Cha Teahouse

This is Chinese teahouse with vegetarian dim sum in an elegant setting. There is a wide selection of Chinese teas available with waiters/ waitresses dressed in traditional Chinese servant costumes. Highlight is you can sit as long as you want with unlimited hot water served to top up your tealeaves. Beautiful carved wooden baby chairs available.

Address: K.S. Lo Gallery, Hong Kong park


Opening times: Mon-Sun 10:00 am-8:00 pm (currently closed during coronavirus period)

Finally, to end with some food (or should we say, tea) for thought from Tealosophy in the above picture: “Life resembles tea brewing. Keep calm to be elegant.”.

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