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What we do

In a busy city like Hong Kong, we create a social space (both online and offline) for neighbors to interact with each other in an interesting way.


LocalHood's role is not only to create the network, but also to facilitate the interaction there by offering the users various discounts and offers from the shops in the neighborhood.


Basically, we connect neighborhoods.

Why you should join

Becoming a part of LocalHood will allow you to:

  • communicate to your neighbors

  • organize activities

  • promote your skills online

  • buy and sell things

  • save money by finding deals and discounts

  • get tips from your neighbors

  • attend offline events organized by LocalHood

  • find partners for classes or events


... and much more!

LocalHood started as a small startup idea (there are two articles in the news about us in that period of time: SCMP and HK01) that became a serious full-blown project with more than a thousand people on board.


The way we operate right now is on a small scale: we create the groups for our members on Facebook.

However, our plans are huge! As we are expanding, we are eventually going to switch from Facebook to our own app, where users will be able to communicate directly without the use of any external programs.


This is exciting, so stay in touch!

Our Plans
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