To Mask or not to Mask: Their perceived importance in fighting Covid-19

The first time I put on the mask since Covid-19 outbreak was during a flight to Malaysia, just before Chinese New Year. Relatives were concerned I might be bringing Covid-19 to them hence I wore the mask to appease their worries.

When I got back to HK 2 weeks later, I noticed 90% of Asians on the street wore masks. “Should I wear mask?” I asked myself. After speaking to a few friends, I decided the answer should not be about me but the people around me.


Rather than guessing, Anny, a local Hong Konger and I decided to ask a few friends about their personal take on wearing the masks. Initially, we were thinking to collect feedback via whatsapp from 15 to 20 friends. Encouraged by the 50+ responses within 3 days, we decided to use google form. Within a week (February 17 to 24), we collected 367 responses from people all over Hong Kong.

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