LocalHood vendor: Ian Colley @PRIMAL FIT

Ian Colley, the 48 years old Briton founder of PRIMAL FIT, starts by telling us that he has lived in Hong Kong for around 16 years. With his abode far from the madding crowd on Lamma Island he lives with his girlfriend, a local Chinese girl from Kennedy town. Talking about the beginnings of his venture, Ian says “I started PRIMAL FIT last year, our first ever session was on the 12th December so we just had our 1-year anniversary. I started PRIMAL FIT with the purpose of helping people to get/stay fit and to reach their goals. After the company I was working for closed down. There were clients asking “what will we do now? That made me decide to go out on my own”. What differentiates PRIMAL FI

Know your neighbor: Marcel Heijnen

“My dad was an amateur photographer and we always had a dark room at home…Photography was always there in me. I am living my passion in a way…” Marcel Heijnen, a native of the Netherlands thus starts our conversation in his exhibition ‘Hong Kong Market Cats’ housed in a beautiful space typical of the Chinese tenement buildings of the early 1900s. Arrived in Asia 26 years ago living essentially a major part in Singapore, this is Marcel’s second stint in Hong Kong. A graphic designer by professional background for more than 25 years, Photography became a profession about 5 years ago when he came out with his first book Residue in 2013 and later 'Hong Kong Shop Cats' in 2016. Marcel contin

Zoom in: LocalHood vendor, Kitty Chu @ Woodsy Garden

Entering woody garden feels like entering the Garden of Eden. Kitty Chu is the Saint Peter of this abode of lovely blossoms. At 60, mother of two, she looks berely 50…I wonder if it has anything with the colors and smell of the lovely stalks that surround her. Chatty with cute naughty eyes she tells me in Cantonese that she started Woody’s Garden in 2012. Other than than selling floral products, woodsy garden also provides additional services like garden consultancy and wedding decoration. Through flowers she wants to enter into the heart of her clients and make friends. Kitty recalls that once a sobbing bride come rushing into her shop. Chinese locals are usually concerned about the symboli

Know your neighbor: Andrea Richey

Dressed smart, all set to go in sneakers, capris, black jacket and a disarming smile, the New York born Andrea Richey has a determined, focussed and friendly demeanour. We sit down to chat in a small neighbourhood deli in Sai Ying Pun, the neighbourhood she has been living in for 26 years and counting. She starts by speaking about her passions and interests. Her eyes fire up as she explains that 50% of the 100 million sharks are killed every year for their fins, land in our neighbourhood, the SYP or Sheung wan dried fish market or sea food restaurants. She volunteers for the Hong Kong Shark Foundation. Andrea is also a vegan and a concerned neighbour, actively participating in raising awaren

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