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Zoom in: LocalHood vendor, Kitty Chu @ Woodsy Garden

Entering woody garden feels like entering the Garden of Eden. Kitty Chu is the Saint Peter of this abode of lovely blossoms. At 60, mother of two, she looks berely 50…I wonder if it has anything with the colors and smell of the lovely stalks that surround her. Chatty with cute naughty eyes she tells me in Cantonese that she started Woody’s Garden in 2012. Other than than selling floral products, woodsy garden also provides additional services like garden consultancy and wedding decoration. Through flowers she wants to enter into the heart of her clients and make friends.

Kitty recalls that once a sobbing bride come rushing into her shop. Chinese locals are usually concerned about the symbolic meaning of colors. The story of the bride was that for the sake of luck, her family was forcing her to change the color and design of the bridal bouquet, which was inconceivable for her!! Being a mother of two young unmarried girls, Kitty understood the conflicts of generations well. Kitty’s job was to satisfy both parties by knowing what they exactly want. Luckily, Kitty put to play her professional knowledge of floral design and more than 10 years of experience. With a smile she says “We worked with both protagonists (on the phone with the family) and after almost a day of hard work, the bride left the shop with a smile on her face”.

Recent associated vendor of LocalHood, Kitty says,” Running a floral shop isn’t just about professional knowledge of the area. The key to thrive in her business is to communicate with your customers, deep down to their heart and make them know that you understand what they actually need.” With sincerity apparent in her eyes she continues “The most important thing is that when my clients leave my shop they leave with a smile on their face. Even if they don’t buy anything, I want them to feel welcomed and want to come to me again.”

As Christmas is approaching, floral decorations are important for a delightful Christmas. At Woodsy Garden, LocalHood members can enjoy a 15% discount for Christmas floral decorations and 10% off discount for Christmas trees, on presentation of member Localhood IDs”.

Thanking Kitty for her time, I quickly make a note of the Christmas decorations I need to buy and one last deep breath of the natural floral perfume before I head out…..

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