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LocalHood vendor: Ian Colley @PRIMAL FIT

Ian Colley, the 48 years old Briton founder of PRIMAL FIT, starts by telling us that he has lived in Hong Kong for around 16 years. With his abode far from the madding crowd on Lamma Island he lives with his girlfriend, a local Chinese girl from Kennedy town.

Talking about the beginnings of his venture, Ian says “I started PRIMAL FIT last year, our first ever session was on the 12th December so we just had our 1-year anniversary. I started PRIMAL FIT with the purpose of helping people to get/stay fit and to reach their goals. After the company I was working for closed down. There were clients asking “what will we do now? That made me decide to go out on my own”.

What differentiates PRIMAL FIT from its peers is that it’s classes are never the same. “I try to make each one different to keep people interested and engaged in what they are doing. I also like to mix it up with bodyweight and equipment” Says the PRIMAL FIT principal coach.

Ian believes that an important skill to have apart from exercise knowledge for an ace coach is to be amiable and adaptable as you need to be able to connect with a myriad of different types of people with different personalities.

He recalls with a smile “One of my greatest achievements is taking a client just after she gave birth and helping her to lose 13kg in weight. Subsequently she has completed a Spartan Race super and is now studying to become a personal trainer. The thing I like most about my job is helping people to overcome their fears and do what they thought was impossible.”

Ian first heard about LocalHood around summer 2017 through one of PRIMAL FIT clients Emily, who is a LocalHooder living in Saiwan. Emily spoke to me about LocalHood, a start- up social venture connecting neighbours active in the western district, who wanted to help their members get fit with a demo session and Ian was sold on the idea. “Connecting people is always a good idea, creating friendships is very important”. PRIMAL FIT subsequently became an LocalHood associated vendor after some great reviews from its members.

When we ask how he ll be spending the Christmas hold this year, Ian says it’ll be in Thailand with my girlfriend. Just before they will be trekking in the Erawan national park and then on the Christmas day they will be at the beach taking a well earned rest. He ends our chat with a “Merry Christmas to all LocalHood neighbour members”.

To you too Ian and an excellent 2018 to PRIMAL FIT!!

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