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#HikeTogether as a gift: High Junk Peak

Are you a regular hiker with LocalHood? If you are we have taken you to some awesome walks or hikes with great views.

Sze Yeen, an avid hiker, writes this article about one of her fav one. Read on here...

Each year end, starting from November, we are constantly bombarded by retailers this is the season for “Giving and Sharing”. Trying to surprise the recipient with our thoughtful gift without going deep into our pockets can be a stressful process. Here’s one gift idea that is guaranteed to be memorable for both you and the special recipient.

Take advantage of the great outdoor weather in Hong Kong at this time of the year. Create memories by hiking together on a mountain trail that you’re both new to as the gift. Make it just you and the other person (whom I shall refer as “they/them” for the rest of this article). Giving them your invaluable time, i.e. pre-hike planning and during the hike, sends the message they’re special to you. When you share the experience exploring a new trail i.e. getting lost and finally reaching your destination, you will be creating a lasting memory together. Does it have to be a mountain trail? Unless either one of you have mobility challenges, I urge you to take this opportunity to challenge them to attempt that peak they have always been thinking about. Do remember it is their gift so the destination has to be their preference and not yours. Hong Kong trails are generally safe. They are well maintained and clearly marked. Just pace yourself so you can enjoy the walk at your own speed. Bring a light backpack with at least 1 litre of water, some nuts, chocolate bar and/or a sandwich for energy. Oh yes, make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and have a power charger along. You want to have the comfort of knowing in case you get lost, you’re just a phone call away for help. Once you are up there at the peak, soaking up the breathtaking view, looking down at the trail you had just hiked up, you will experience a great sense of achievement far beyond the year end performance review you both get at work. This #hiketogether gift will last a lifetime.

I have just gifted NB #hiketogether and received a whatsapp message at the end of the day “Thank you very much. It is a very memorable day for me”. Her message makes me very happy as NB is a very important member in our household. I know NB likes the outdoor. She wanted to explore more trails in Hong Kong but none of her friends were interested. Since she had never been to Saikung, I proposed High Junk Peak followed by a visit to Saikung town. I will not share the directions here as we got lost from the very start and ended our day boarding the bus with the shortest queue from Saikung to whichever mtr station. During the bus ride to Timbuktu Po Lam, I took the opportunity to look at the photos captured throughout the day. NB was beaming and clearly had as much fun as I did that day.

In Pic: The view from the peak at High Junk Peak

In Pic: Hong Kong hiking trails are clearly marked

In Pic: NB pausing to admire our target destination right ahead at High Junk Peak

Besides High Junk Peak, here are 2 other suggestions for you to consider:

1. Victoria Peak via Old Peak Road. This is the shortest way up to The Peak from Central. At the end of the walk, you would feel you have done your cardio work out for the week. It is a walk rather than a hike as the trail is 100% paved. Another good news is that there are benches for you to rest along the way.

2. Lantau Peak. At elevation of 934m, this is the second highest peak in Hong Kong and it’s definitely doable for all levels. The ascending trail starts right from the start and may tire you out within 15 mins. Just pace yourself and keep walking. Just enjoy the beautiful landscape along the way. The good news is you will likely reach the peak under 2 hours.

Come Join Us for our next hike!

What are you doing on the morning of this Sunday the 20th of Nov? Did you say, you’ll be joining another exiting hike LocalHood for a hike at Mount High West, in Kennedy Town? GREAT idea :-) All the details for this hike can be found on the LocalHood Events Page! To see what awaits you, you can also check out the LocalHood guide for this lovely hike here!


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