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Hiking in Kennedy Town - Mt. High West

(The view from the top of Mt. High West)

Join LocalHood on a Guided Hike led by ForSomethingMore

What are you doing on the morning of October 13th? Did you say, you’ll be joining LocalHood for a hike up Mt. High West led by Seth and Julia from ForSomethingMore? GREAT idea :-) All the details for this hike can be found on the LocalHood Events Page!

Located in Western District, Mt. High West is a classic Kennedy Town hike. Starting right from the MTR exit, you had up nearly 2,100 steps to reach the peak of Mt. High West, and when you do you’ll feel like you’re on the top of the world! Suitable for intermediate and advanced hikers, this is not only a great place to see sweeping views of Hong Kong Island, but it’s also a great place to get in a workout! If you have a dog, and she/he can make it up all the stairs, this is a great choice for your furry friends too!


(The path up Mt. High West starts at these steps, in Kennedy Town)

Easy to Access

Easy to access, all you’ll have to do is get to Kennedy Town, and you’ll be minutes from the trail head. While there are many ways to get up to the top of Mt. High West, Kennedy Town is one of the more popular starting points.


(A bamboo forest on the path to Mt. High West)

When you hike up Mt. High West, you’ll be able to choose between either a paved path or a more forested route. If you’re eager to meet other hikers, stick to the paved path. If you’re looking for a quick escape to nature, give the forested path a try.


Come Join Us!

No matter what you do, come join us on our hike up Mt. High West! For all the information on what you’ll need to bring with you on this hike, as well as details about the route, check out this Mt. High West hiking guide. If you have any further questions, Seth and Julia from ForSomethingMore will be leading the hike, so feel free to contact them with questions!

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