Know your volunteer – Alex Beattie

Tell us something about yourself…

I was born and brought up in HK, originally adopted from birth and have lived most of my life in HK. I finished my studies in Australia and had the absolute time of my life (maybe too much of a good time 😜😜).

I started my career in hospitality working in a bar on the charming streets of Wan Chai and then on to the W hotel where I stayed for over 4 years in their Front Office. It was such an eye opening and fun experience learning all about what guests get up to when they think no one is watching. But after a period I realised that while everyone else is having fun a hotelier will always be that person who is still working. I was missing having a life and was fortunate enough to have been offered a position in the family business by my mother. I have been running the operations of our business ever since. The Sara Beattie group is focused in recruitment, training and education and has been serving HK companies since 1964.