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Know your volunteer – Alex Beattie

Tell us something about yourself…

I was born and brought up in HK, originally adopted from birth and have lived most of my life in HK. I finished my studies in Australia and had the absolute time of my life (maybe too much of a good time 😜😜).

I started my career in hospitality working in a bar on the charming streets of Wan Chai and then on to the W hotel where I stayed for over 4 years in their Front Office. It was such an eye opening and fun experience learning all about what guests get up to when they think no one is watching. But after a period I realised that while everyone else is having fun a hotelier will always be that person who is still working. I was missing having a life and was fortunate enough to have been offered a position in the family business by my mother. I have been running the operations of our business ever since. The Sara Beattie group is focused in recruitment, training and education and has been serving HK companies since 1964.

How did you join Localhood?

I saw an article about LocalHood in the South China Morning Post and was really inspired to see something like this happening in HK of all places. A huge and glamorous city is not usually the place you see neighborhood communities. At least nothing I have seen in my time growing up here, maybe that exists in the local Chinese community but nothing for non-Chinese speakers.

I really wanted to be able to make a difference to some charitable causes while also building relationships with people that sometimes live one block away. I think we sometimes forget how insulated a place like HK is and don't realise there are some really cool people living just down the road. Localhood gives us this opportunity to connect.

How are you involved with Local Hood?

I am a member of LocalHood since late 2017, but became a volunteer only in last year.

I was looking to join as part of the events team as that's really my forte but joining at the beginning of 2021 meant not many events were going on around HK as there were still tight restrictions in place.

So, I was proposed a place in the LocalHood website content team. Since joining this team of amateur writers, both local and expats, I have been writing numerous articles ever since such as "Doing extreme sports in Hong Kong" “Drag Scene in HK” and “Embarking on a cruise to nowhere!” either solo or with other nice and friendly members of the team.

At LocalHood we officially meet once a month for our monthly website group committee and discuss topics going into our upcoming bi monthly newsletters and social media. It's been very interesting getting to know and work with other like minded people while making a contribution to the cohesion of HK neighborhoods.

I recently went with my fellow volunteers Ania and Winnie to a drag show in Wong Chuk Hang which was such an amazing experience to watch artists showcase their talent to the world. I was even lucky enough to have participated, surprisingly unaware that I had been chosen.

How has it impacted you on a personal/ family/ social level?

I have been able to meet some really great friends that I know live in the area and have built another friendship circle.

We recently had a Thanksgiving volunteer social which was my first and fingers crossed if restrictions continue to ease it will certainly not be my last.

What would you say to others wanting to join Localhood?

Do it! Wherever you may live on Hong Kong island, if you are looking to expand your circle of friends and get to know some really nice, socially conscious and fun people, this is the group to do it. The string that binds us together is definitely our love towards work towards improving the cohesion in our neighbourhoods by connecting people.

If you feel the same come join us 😎😎.

Our community is what makes us love HK.

Being a part of that community, being part of the organisation really gives you the freedom to focus in areas of your choosing and share your insights with the network.


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