Drag scene in Hong Kong

What is a Drag Queen? I am sure you have heard of them, but do you know any personally?

There is not much written about them. So we thought we would go meet them and ask them about the Drag scene in Hong Kong.

Read on to find out about two of HK’s very special Queens who reveal all in interesting interviews about their inspiration and what it's like to be a Drag Queen in this city.


Trash Queen Doris (Daniel)

How long have you been a Drag Queen?

In 2016 Evan Steer from FLM, a well know HK gay bar, approached him to be a “trashy” character in a show. Daniel comes from theatre and through that Doris has grown into quite the character. Doris is not your traditional Queen she creates parodies of well-known characters on stage. When she is on stage people let their guard down. She is not always wearing expensive dresses and perfect make up, Doris is more of an entertainer.

What made you want to become a drag queen?

An Ex-lover.