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Drag scene in Hong Kong

What is a Drag Queen? I am sure you have heard of them, but do you know any personally?

There is not much written about them. So we thought we would go meet them and ask them about the Drag scene in Hong Kong.

Read on to find out about two of HK’s very special Queens who reveal all in interesting interviews about their inspiration and what it's like to be a Drag Queen in this city.


Trash Queen Doris (Daniel)

How long have you been a Drag Queen?

In 2016 Evan Steer from FLM, a well know HK gay bar, approached him to be a “trashy” character in a show. Daniel comes from theatre and through that Doris has grown into quite the character. Doris is not your traditional Queen she creates parodies of well-known characters on stage. When she is on stage people let their guard down. She is not always wearing expensive dresses and perfect make up, Doris is more of an entertainer.

What made you want to become a drag queen?

An Ex-lover.

What are the best and worst parts about being a drag queen in Hong Kong

It can be catty and judgy in the LGBTQ community and remuneration can be low. After all costs involved, most Queens are just hoping to break even. However, you get to connect with people. He is a proud gay person with HIV and is an advocate for the community. Daniel feels fortunate to use his platform to discuss important issues and break down barriers. During one Pride March someone randomly gave him a hug to say ‘Thank You’ for helping him to reveal his HIV status. This kind of moment was better than likes on Instagram.

Take us through your inspiration and preparation for a show

Pantomimes and Rachel Bloom are his biggest inspirations, also cartoon characters such as Pokémon which are where Doris’s Pokeballs eyes come from.

Makeup can take 2 hours, he gets distracted when listening to tunes like Vogue by Madonna or, “It's raining men”. He has to let out the gay.

Where can our viewers come to watch you perform Stay tuned to all things FLM, Daniel and Doris are frequent guests at this location for both Comedy & Drag Shows.

What are your tips for aspiring Queens or anyone that loves to look fabulous

There is no correct way to do it, Daniel is not great with makeup so he created his own unique style, to the point he is known for it. Be yourself and go for it, the whole point is to feel special and for it to be whatever you want. Try dressing in drag at a friend's house party and figure it out as you go. There needs to be more Drag Queens in HK, there are likely less than 20 in HK. People can be judgmental which scares off newcomers. The LGBTQ community should be more inclusive.

Have confidence in yourself, screw the haters.

Photo Credit: Trash Queen Doris

La Chiquitta - Rye Bautista

How long have you been a Drag Queen? It could be ten, it could be more. A Queen does not reveal her age. Rye first started when he was 27 years old. It all started at FLM and even though Chiquitta had fall outs and got back together with FLM he is the prodigal son and always comes home.

What made you want to become a Drag Queen?

His Drag career happened accidentally when he was working as a dancer at Disney, he made a farewell video for a colleague with a Dreamgirls theme and ended up showing the video to Evan and Joseph (FLM) who loved it and asked him to perform on their stage. He started off like many Queens’ performing for free until he found out that people liked him and booked him for paid events.

What are the best and worst parts about being a drag queen in Hong Kong?

Having a platform is the best and worst. It gives you an opportunity to champion your cause, whatever it is. However, it can also be the worst as you question whether what you are doing is enough. Chiquitta focused on inclusivity and was able to get the message across without being too much of an ‘activist’.

Rye has been lecturing at HKU in drag for 7 years. He has always been a performer by nature, but what's more special is when you are able to change just one person's opinion. It has been inspirational to teach students, he has even inspired some to come out.

Take us through your inspiration and preparation for a show

Needs about 3 weeks of lead time to conceptualise, rehearse, learn the songs and do research. He plans everything from quick changes to nails, however it can turn out to be something completely different on the day depending on his mood. Especially with humidity it can really affect makeup which in turn affects costume choice.

It takes around 2 hours from shower to taxi and the last 30 minutes is pure madness, can be stressful, snapping at everyone and Chiquitta must have an uber waiting for her, Chiquitta does not wait!

Where can our viewers come to watch you perform

FLM. Upcoming event on 31 July 2021 for a Transgender fund raiser performing one number and saying bon voyage to a large section of her wardrobe (7 suitcases worth) to donate the proceeds to charity.

Rye is also trying to create a 2-hour stage performance so stay tuned.

What are your tips for aspiring Queens or anyone that loves to look fabulous?

5 years ago, this would have been the standard answer; feel fabulous from the inside. But after all these years he has found what's more important is that you have a chip on your shoulder, a bit of insanity/anger, a bit of a screw you to the world, something to give you substance. Looking fabulous is one thing, staying fabulous and resilient is even harder.

Photo Credit: La Chiquitta


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