Hiking in Kennedy Town - Mt. High West

(The view from the top of Mt. High West) Join LocalHood on a Guided Hike led by ForSomethingMore What are you doing on the morning of October 13th? Did you say, you’ll be joining LocalHood for a hike up Mt. High West led by Seth and Julia from ForSomethingMore? GREAT idea :-) All the details for this hike can be found on the LocalHood Events Page! Located in Western District, Mt. High West is a classic Kennedy Town hike. Starting right from the MTR exit, you had up nearly 2,100 steps to reach the peak of Mt. High West, and when you do you’ll feel like you’re on the top of the world! Suitable for intermediate and advanced hikers, this is not only a great place to see sweeping views of Hong Ko

Keeping a Canadian Halloween alive in HK

Last year, was my first Halloween in Hong Kong. And unlike my 20-odd Halloweens in Northern Canada, the warm temperature here meant that for the first time in my life I didn’t need to wear my winter jacket on-top of my costume. Back home the cold forces even a ballerina to wear snow boots on Halloween. I’ll admit, riding the subway as Medusa certainly got me more attention than I was used to back home. Dressed in a gold dress that gave me the perfect sultry look, accompanied by a custom made gold crown But I knew, I wasn’t turning anyone into stone, with the jolts of neck turns coming from my fellow commuters. Amy Dunne from Gone Girl (2016) and Medusa (2017) Upon arriving at a house party,

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