The uncertainty of travelling during covid times: My story

There was little doubt that travelling to Europe in these Covid times would be difficult. However, my hubby was craving a trip to Europe. It had been a year that we had seen his parents and friends back home in France. And it was time to return for some holidays.

The pragmatic in me did try to reason with him about the cost, inconvenience and headache of such a travel. I also reminded him of the difficulties we have had getting back from our last travels Just at the start of this year. Helas! My point-by-point discussion fell into the deaf years of an over worked man. We were to be leaving for Europe within the next 15 days.

I was left scampering to reschedule my work meetings, notify the summer camps the kids were registered and, of course, get together the mountain of Covid related travel documents.

My hubby left a week before me to work from his company’s Paris office.