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Shopping Heaven a.k.a. the 55th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo

Two brave and fearless Localhood volunteers – Chris and Ania – went on a quest to explore the legendary Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo. Not so well known among the expats, it is suuuuuper popular with the local community. The Expo site was totally packed even on a weekday and even with required 50% of its normal capacity, so if you are going there, be prepared, it will be crowded.

Held annually at Victoria Park, the Expo was originally established in 1938 and organised by The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA). After one year suspension (thanks again Covid 😊) this huge bazaar is back.

This year, the expo started on December 11th and it will last until January 3rd. It's a pity that due to the covid restrictions, the sample tasters and cooked food shops are not opened but still there are 830 local branded shops waiting for you!

Entrance tickets is 8 HKD and opening hours are 11am to 9pm (11am to 8pm on Jan 3rd).

The expo is still mostly about the food. Chris - a huge foodie – was particularly happy with all the food products and she wanted to try everything.

In Pic: Chris with delicious mango candies/Girls with yummy natural fresh juices. Try Lemon and Lime – absolutely yummylicious

Ania was really interested in Chinese herbs and supplements. Thanks to Chris she could get to know more about what products she could use to improve her body and skin condition. Cantonese required! 😊.

In Pic: Ania and the supplements she bought/ Chris and the beautiful shop with Chinese herbs

And there is so much more: a lot of dry seafood, honey from New Zealand and Australia, bird spit juices (haven’t tried though 😉), Ginseng, beauty products, healthcare products, home appliances and kitchen wear, clothes, bags etc.

In Pic: Ania and a little gift for her husband

In Pic: This little plastic support chair make you sit with your back straight, no unhealthy hunching. It looks quite unremarkable and uncomfortable but on contrary, it is super comfortable and makes a huge impact on your posture. Made in Korea.

In Pic: There was even a cat litter for cat lovers

In Pic: And some safes for those with BIG MONEY 😊


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