Retiring in Hong Kong as a time millionaire

In her 2016 article in Financial Times, Nilanjana Roy shared her concept of time millionaire as having achieved a set of personal goals. She further explained how successful people guard and value their time so that they can pursue their personal interest. Roy suggested true wealth could be construed as having control of one’s personal time and max it for leisure activities. I can totally relate to this. Since quitting corporate, I do feel I have full control of my time and have been investing my time on people and projects that bring me joy. I may not have all the millions in monetary terms but I do feel I am a time millionaire these days.

The author pursuing her hiking passion at Breuil-Cervinia, Italy

Some friends hold on to careers they no longer enjoy because they feel that is the most secured way to ensure they could retire comfortably. What does retirement mean these days anyway? I am sure many of us will agree retirement does not mean Netflix all day nor daily yum cha with tais tais. To me, retirement means having control of my time doing things I enjoy and being able to spend time with people who matters. I want to stay productive and continue to make some money but not at the expense of sacrificing my leisure time.