Reporting Covid positivity to the HK Govt & what ensues: Personal recount

My entire family tested positive for COVID 19 and we registered on the Hong Kong government website!

One Thursday evening, I developed a cough and a runny nose, and was feeling a bit breathless after my walk. I had invited some guests over the next day so decided to get myself tested for COVID using a Rapid Antigen Test kit that I had recently purchased (click here to find the list of RATs approved by the Hong Kong SAR government).

I tested positive, as did my husband. Both my daughters tested negative so we immediately told them to double mask and stay in their rooms while we isolated in ours.

My husband, who is the type who dots every i and crosses every t, insisted on reporting our positive test result on the government website. Even though I was very skeptical about it, and rather nervous, given the horror stories circulating about being carted off to isolation facilities and children being separated from their parents, I did the needful. Luckily, if you can isolate yourself at home and have requisite facilities like a separate washroom, you can stay at home. Else you can request for a transfer to an isolation facility.

It is recommended that you register within 24 hours of a positive test result. Once you register, you will receive an SMS with a link to upload photos of your HKID as well as the RAT. I’d suggest that you take the photo pf your RAT using a TIMESTAMP app, so that the date and time of the results can be recorded as shown below. Once this is done, they will issue an isolation order which can be saved in pdf form on your phone.