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Pets 🐶🐰 of Sai Wan 😄: Fiona's kitties n her list to consider before becoming a cat parent 😻😻

Hello everyone!! I am a recent LocalHood volunteer Fiona!

In conjunction with Pet Day on 11 April, I thought I’d share a bit about my feline furriends (=^ェ^=)

Who are these cuties?

Meet Winnie (not to be confused with our Localhood volunteer of the same name 😜 and Mags!

They may look like sisters, but they’re not. Winnie is about 3 months older than Mags, and adopted from SPCA ( I actually adopted Winnie together with another kitten, who unfortunately passed away from FIP, a type of feline coronavirus (different from the one affecting humans now, in case you’re wondering).

In my search for a new buddy for Winnie, I came across Mags from Kirstens Zoo ( and was struck by how alike they looked!

Those fearful eyes… this was Mags hiding when I went to pick her up from her foster’s place.

Mags was abandoned as a tiny kitten by the roadside in a cage, and extremely fearful of humans when I first got her. She would hiss, growl and swipe (with her teeny claws out!) if you dared come close to her (if you can even get near in the first place). Day by day though, she got better. By the 2nd week, she was eating out of my hands and would come close for a rub.

We’ve had her for more than a year now and she’s much more comfortable around her favourite humans (i.e. my husband and I), although she still runs and hides whenever there’re strangers!

Winnie on the other hand, was a very sociable kitty from Day 1. She loves her treats and will gladly take them wherever they come from.

In Pic: It’s not hard to guess which one’s Winnie...The girls indulging in their favourite pastime. They never fail to make good use of a cardboard box…

So, you wanna get a cat?

During these Covid times, it may be tempting to get a cat for company while you’re stuck at home. Nevertheless, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, so here’re some points to think about:

- Consider adopting instead of buying! Other than Kirsten’s Zoo and SPCA, there’s also LAP ( which is right in our neighborhood in Sai Ying Pun. Make sure you check ahead before popping in, as prior appointments may be needed.

- They ain’t cheap.. Although you will save thousands if you choose to adopt over buying, there’s still an adoption fee to be paid (I paid about HKD1.5-1.7k for each cat), and ongoing costs for veterinary fees, food, litter and toys to take into account.

- That said, can you get 2 cats instead of one? Some cat shelters will insist on this, especially if you’re adopting kittens, as they will teach each other social skills, be able to clean each other, exercise/play with each other and overall turn out to be better adjusted adult cats.

- Have you cat-proofed your place? Make sure windows can’t be opened too wide (cost-saving option – use cable ties!), and if you have a balcony, get it fenced up. Sadly, too many cats have died jumping out of high rises…

- Can you commit to spending time with them? Although cats are less work than say, dogs, they still need plenty of love and attention!

- Do you/will you have young children in the house? Some cats do not get along with children (Mags is still not friends at all with my toddler, but Winnie loves sleeping next to him and teasing him with her tail) so that’s another factor to consider.

- Lastly, bear in mind that EVERYTHING will be covered in cat hair, no matter how much you vacuum..

A great way to find out if cats are for you is to foster one or 2 first before getting one permanently!

I will leave you with another cute photo of my girls, and if you haven’t had enough, you can head to their Instagram

@dimsum_sistas ( for more!

Have a purrfect day ahead y’all!

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