Peek into Adult Toy shop: Wow Tech ❤️🤩❤️!!

Sex Toys? What exactly are they? Why are they so taboo in HK?

The international Wow Tech Group Hong Kong, claims to be "the premier provider of sexual health and wellness products — products that enable people all over the world to increase the satisfaction of their personal and sexual well-being". We wanted to learn more about it. We met up with Melody Liu, the Public Relations Specialist at WOW Tech Group for a chat.

Read on to find out more about what the hottest products are, how you can get your hands on some and what one company is doing to promote a lifestyle rather than a product.

"Who is WOW Tech? Is this something you have always been in and specialised in?"

WOW Tech is a premium pleasure toy brand, it started as an international partnership of two power houses in the industry; Standard Innovation® Corporation from Canada and Womanizer Group M