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Peek into Adult Toy shop: Wow Tech ❤️🤩❤️!!

Sex Toys? What exactly are they? Why are they so taboo in HK?

The international Wow Tech Group Hong Kong, claims to be "the premier provider of sexual health and wellness products — products that enable people all over the world to increase the satisfaction of their personal and sexual well-being". We wanted to learn more about it. We met up with Melody Liu, the Public Relations Specialist at WOW Tech Group for a chat.

Read on to find out more about what the hottest products are, how you can get your hands on some and what one company is doing to promote a lifestyle rather than a product.

"Who is WOW Tech? Is this something you have always been in and specialised in?"

WOW Tech is a premium pleasure toy brand, it started as an international partnership of two power houses in the industry; Standard Innovation® Corporation from Canada and Womanizer Group Management GmbH from Germany.

What are your hottest products at the moment?

Currently they have three big lines they are focused on:

Arcwave - Their newest line is male focused with patented Pleasure Air technology and has been newly designed to redefine male pleasure.

Wevibe - A couple-shared toy line, with some of its products that have state of the art Bluetooth technology that brings the devices online so partners can play with each other even when they are many miles apart across the globe which has been increasingly popular during Covid.

Womanizer - A woman-focused brand that is focused on bringing about the best pleasure for women.

In Pic: Some Wow Tech products. Source: Wow Tech

Is there any particular group of people that your products attract the most?

WOW Tech tries to be more inclusive with all groups of people, they even have toys that are gender fluid. They have been really trying to get into mainstream retail shops which has been difficult to do as the topic continues to be sensitive and not discussed as openly in Asian countries as in Western countries.

Prices can range from anywhere between HKD $800 - $1800 per product with only top-quality materials being used. The R & D team has a big proportion of funding in the company as the company is focused on creating a solid and premium brand.

What's the best way to get our hands on some toys? Do you have a physical shop?

There is no physical shop in HK, but the best place is definitely HKTV Mall. WOW Tech are also in most of the big adult boutiques like Sally Coco and Take Toys. The great thing about all of these places is that they offer discreet packaging so nobody will have any idea what’s inside your bag. They are in most adult shops (physical and online) in America and Europe.

Is the HK market very receptive to toys? At the moment they have been finding that the Womaniser sells better in the HK market. And Sales have been getting better; they actually even surged during Covid.

WOW Tech is changing the game when talking about sex! No longer is it a taboo subject and something to be talked about behind closed doors. The company has created a lot of campaigns and conducted surveys of over 20,000 women to show how pleasuring yourself can actually be healthy for you even during the menstrual cycle.

It is not just about selling sex toys but also about promoting further acceptance about sex, health and wellbeing in general. We see that there is a need for it to be talked about more often; while HK media still finds it difficult to talk about this topic, we do see that minds have been changing when we use health and wellness angles to promote our products.

What's special for Localhood readers?

As members of our community you will be lucky enough to get a special discount. Contact us for info on how to get yours.

Pictures are from WOW Tech Group

The above are just a small selection of the myriad options for enhancing sexual pleasure. We’ll bet you never learnt about adult sex toys in sex-ed class. Now why are you still sitting in front of a screen—go spice up your life.


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