Hong Kong B📕📚ks for the Curious Soul:

Whether you are a Hong Konger working from home or a home maker, whether you’re a local 852er or an expat 852er, you can never know too much about Hong Kong. It may have once been (or still is) promoted as an international financial centre, the Pearl of the Orient, Asia’s World or derided as a city falling into the doldrums and messy politics. Whatever your views of the SAR, one thing’s for sure—it’s a city constantly in flux and struggling to find a foothold in its identity from its colonial days to 20-odd years after the Chinese handover. For a journey through time, during this Covid era we invite you to make the most of your free time and read these are 5 books to learn more about Hong Kong:

1. Never Enough by Joe McGinniss

Wealthy, mildly pretty, being a non-working expat wife to a Merrill Lynch banker in Hong Kong with loving children, what more could a woman ask for? Well, a gentle and loving husband for starters. The book recounts the true story of how Nancy Kissel murdered her husband with a drug-laced milkshake and