Recount of my 3-wk hotel Quarantine in HK: A total nightmare?

We might have started with home schooling a year ago complaining but with time, more practice and our resilience, things seem to be definitely getting better. As a mother of two - a mere mortal with 1 brain, two eyes and 2 hands, I'm still juggling with my work, job search, the kids on-line learning and all the questions emanating. I have however found ways to do things optimally and use time at hand efficiently and importantly, I am more positive. This might be also because I had survived the ultimate nightmare...

Post X-mas holiday travels, 3 of our (connecting) flights to HK got cancelled and our 5.5 hr journey to Hong Kong lasted 3 never ending days!! We literally cried Halleluiah on arriving to the Hong Kong airport on a Sunday in January. Our Covid test done for the third time we waited 6 hours at the airport to get a green slip after which we were chaperoned to our chosen hotel, our abode for the 3 week mandatory quarantine.

Our family - 2 young kids and 2 adults- was dreading being stuck in a room of around 400sqf. It was a largish room with a bay window overlooking the waters. The master bed and a study desk were on one side by the window while the kitchenette, an itsy-bitsy dining table, a sofa-cum-bed for the kids and the washroom on the other end.

Both areas of the room were separated by a cloth curtain. I was sure we were all saying, "Oh my! oh my!", without it being audible. The direct view on the bay and a fully equipped kitchenette seemed to be the only positive points of this Hotel room we could see at that moment.

Next, we had to organize ourselves for both the kids home schooling and our on-line work week, starting the very next day. My youngest took the study table by the window and my daughter made her make-do work station on the dining table. I suggested that my Hubby, who had a lot of calls to make and take and I work from the wash room, which was the most sound proof area we could get! This was done naturally without much shouting. Thank you God!