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Home Kong through Alex's lens: Eco Atrophy

Alex Macro is a photographer residing on HK Island.

Different perspectives opens up our minds. Alex gives us a peek into his HK. Through his perspective, his lens.

This edition of Localhood blog is dominated by sustainability and green living. Therefore, in this “hood from an artist's eye” we present you Eco Atrophy, a series of pictures shot by our friend and photographer Alex Macro. Eco Atrophy is a collaboration between Alex and Tanja Wessels who - as she describes herself - writes, talks, wears, and thinks sustainability. She creates content for a number of publications on sustainability, art, and lifestyle, also collaborating on environmental art activism projects. Tanja is a founding member of Circular Community Hong Kong, a platform for businesses and individuals on the value of circular thinking.

Eco Atrophy – future environmental dystopia, right here, right now. Plastic oceans, species loss, disappearing nature; predictions playing out in the present. Plastic production is increasing, we wear it, we eat it and we suck on it, despite the growing evidence of its detrimental effect on land, water and life. The signs are everywhere.

In 2018 Tanja and Alex started photographing plastic waste from the streets of Hong Kong in unexpected ways, playing on the contrast of an ultra-slick and expensive city, with a heavy addiction to single use plastic that overflows from bins and washes up on its rocks and beaches. A world city with a world-class consumerism habit. With every new shoot the scope and vision grow, in what has now become an ongoing project. As our piles of waste continue to rise unabated, so does this work.

Tanja Wessels IG: @tanjarina

Styling IG: @clintoncordeiro

Makeup IG: @liz.bohan

We love Alex’s art work you can follow it here:

IG: @alexmacrophotographer

FB: @alexmacrophotography


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