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Golden Scene Cinema in Kennedy Town – a hidden gem of HK cinematheque

Located in the heart of Kennedy Town, sits the ever convenient yet hidden gem, called Golden Scene Cinema. Having opened its doors in the midst of pandemic in Febuary 2021, this movie theatre not only showcases regular box office hits, it also promotes art and culture appreciation through different cinematic experiences. It hosts special movie events like “screen Monday”, Hong Kong Kids International Film Festival (KIFF), not forgetting specific director retrospective programs.

With comfort and size in mind, the cinema holds 4 houses, each of which is capable of hosting between 50 to 80 viewers, including disabled seating. This movie theatre is really all user friendly, it offers booster seats that come handy for the younger viewers. What’s more, the cinema staff is super friendly, helpful and proactive.

Golden Scene Cinema is quite a standout in Hong Kong where all movie theatres are hidden in the depth of shopping malls. This one can be accessed from the street level and it surrounded by bars and restaurants, making it an ideal location not only for a fun night out, but also a great date spot. Just imagine, a stroll along the promenade, a dinner in a nice quiet bistro and to end the night with fireworks, sneak in a movie, et voila, fantastic first date plan 😊

With its own membership that has two different options, White – charged 100HKD and Black – 1000HKD. Both come with their own perks, points and benefits. For a complete list of these benefits, you can always visit their website - 高先電影院 Golden Scene Cinema. Regular ticket prices vary from 50 to 100HKD depending on the time of the screening. Tickets can be purchased online which allows you to enter with a QR code or you can buy them by the counter or from the special ticketing machines.

What would be a movie theatre without popcorn 😊 Tucked away on the second floor sits the concession stand which not only sells three types of popcorn (salty, sweet and caramel) and soft drinks, they also have local delights like fishballs or siu mai, local craft beer (carbon brew) and not forgetting the greatest delicacy of all – ice cream 😉 Unfortunately, during the pandemic food inside the movie house is forbidden, you can enjoy it before or after the seance.

If you haven’t been to Golden Scene Cinema yet, GO GO GO!

Address: 2 Catchick St, Kennedy Town


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