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Go Local: Homegrown HK fashion brands

Our city, a melting pot of vibrant cultures and global inspirations, counts some noticeable homegrown fashion brands.

Journey with me as we meander through the vibrant lanes of Hong Kong’s fashion districts, uncovering the eclectic charm and scintillating creativity of brands that are weaving the city’s style narrative. 1) Saulee:

In the luminescent heart of Hong Kong's fashion realm, Saulee emerges as a beacon of timeless elegance. Founded by Lulu Cheung, Saulee is a symphony of East meets West, with each garment telling a story of cultural confluence. The brand’s repertoire, characterized by impeccably tailored qipaos and modern, flowing silhouettes, dances between tradition and contemporaneity, garnering accolades on the international fashion podium.

2) Bread and Butter:

Founded in 2004 by Victoria Law, bread n butter is local brand that has been well-built by versatile artists and wins the hearts of women.

According to their website, the brand is based on the philosophy “details in simple”. In addition, bread n butter highlights how glamour can be richly portrayed through subtle and simple styling.

3) Parallel 51:

Parallel 51 is a pretty recent brand on the Hong Kong fashion scene, playing around modern elegance trough an easy chic style. Beautiful fabric, beautiful shapes, beautiful finishing, the brand’s creations are versatile and ideal for a corporate day nor a social evening. 4) Shanghai Tang:

Emanating the allure of modern Chinese chic, Shanghai Tang is a sartorial phoenix reborn from the ashes of tradition. Established in 1994, the brand paints the fashion landscape with a vibrant palette of colors, sumptuous fabrics, and an amalgamation of historical and contemporary designs. Shanghai Tang stands as a luminary of luxury and sophistication, embodying the pulsating rhythm of modern Chinese elegance. 5) Anagram:

In the realm of minimalistic elegance and sophistication, Anagram reigns supreme. With a dedication to sustainability and meticulous attention to detail, the brand crafts garments that are a harmonious blend of quality, versatility, and timeless appeal. Anagram whispers to the modern woman, offering her a sartorial sanctuary where style meets substance. Hong Kong's fashion symphony is as multifaceted and spirited as the city’s skyline. Hong Kong locals brands, with their distinctive designs and vibrant ethos, are the threads weaving the vibrant tapestry of Hong Kong’s fashion identity.


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