Here at Localhood, we’re all about being good neighbours to each other. Especially during these Covid times, it’s easier to feel isolated from one another. Today, we bring to you some stories from our Localhood volunteers to warm your hearts and perhaps inspire you to take that first step towards connecting with your neighbours!

Shobhana and the Old Chinese Lady

I moved to my new apartment on Diwali, one of the most important festivals in our calendar. So I made a kolam to celebrate the festival as well as the move. A kolam is an Indian art form where geometric, symmetric designs are drawn on the floor using either a rice paste or colored powders.

In Pic: The kolam that started it all

Early next morning, I was visited by the building manager about our kolam. My neighbour, a diminutive lady in her late seventies, was hiding behind her door and prompting the manager on what to tell us. I was thoroughly irritated, and wondered if we’ve ended up with the worst sort of neighbour, the constant complainer.