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Foodies special: Exploring Chinese regional diversity through their Cuisine on HK Island

One of the best things about living in Hong Kong is the fact that it is truly a melting pot of culinary delights. While the city is globally renowned for its extremely wide selection of international cuisine available here, we as residents of Hong Kong are also lucky to be able to try a diverse range of authentic Chinese regional foods that truly captures the essence of China's vast culinary landscape. Whether you're a local or a visitor, embarking on a gastronomic journey through Hong Kong's Chinese restaurants is a delightful way to explore the rich and varied food culture of Mainland China! In this article, we will go through just six of the many types of regional Chinese cuisines available in Hong Kong… and we’ve dropped in convenient links to OpenRice, Hong Kong’s main food reviewing platform, for each of the selected restaurants.


1. Cantonese: The Heartbeat of Hong Kong's Culinary Scene

Madame Fu (Central): A lavish dining experience awaits you at Madame Fu. Located in the heart of Central in the beautifully restored Tai Kwun Former Central Police Station, this restaurant offers an exquisite selection of traditional Cantonese dishes with a modern twist. The ambiance, reminiscent of 1920s Shanghai, adds to the overall dining experience. Check out their weekend brunch for a great overview of their core specialities and make sure to try out their duck if you can! Address: 3/F, Barrack Block, Tai Kwun (Former Central Police Station), 10 Hollywood Road, Central OpenRice:

Kin's Kitchen (Wanchai): A hidden gem in Wanchai, Kin's Kitchen is where traditional meets contemporary. A family restaurant opened by a renowned local food reviewer, their menu is a testament to the rich heritage of Cantonese cuisine, with dishes that are both comforting and innovative with quality ingredients and cooking styles used in every dish. They are particularly famous for their decadent char siu, which is roasted to order upon arrival, as well as their must-eat smoked chicken. Address: 5/F, W Square, 314-324 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai OpenRice:

2. Zhejiang: A Taste of the East Coast

Hongzhou Restaurant (Wanchai): Dive into the delicate flavors of Zhejiang cuisine at Hongzhou Restaurant. Known for its fresh seafood and subtle seasonings, the dishes here transport you straight to the eastern coast of China and a meal here is extremely decently priced for the quality provided. A good starting point from the many regional specialities available here are the beggar’s chicken and the stinky tofu! Address: 1/F,Chinachem Johnston Plaza,178-188 Johnston Road, Wan Chai OpenRice:

3. Xinjiang: The Silk Road on a Plate

Bayi (Sai Ying Pun): Experience the bold and aromatic flavors of Xinjiang at Bayi. From succulent grilled meats to hearty stews, the dishes here are a reflection of the region's rich history and cultural influences… try to pre-order its signature lamb leg if you can, which is big enough to be shared between two people! Those who aren’t into gamey flavours can instead indulge in a chicken stew with potato and chili. Address: G/F, 43 Water Street, Sai Ying Pun, Western District


4. Shanghai: The Paris of the East

Kiangsu Chekiang and Shanghai Residents (HK) Association (Central) A culinary institution in Central, this restaurant offers an authentic taste of Shanghainese food at surprisingly modest prices for its location and pedigree. It's a must-visit for those seeking the true essence of Shanghainese cuisine: again, there are too many great dishes available but a good starting point into the food of Shanghai would be the vegetarian panfried dumplings and the drunken chicken. Address: 3/F & 4/F, Manning House, 38-48 Queen's Road, Central OpenRice:

5. Sichuan: Follow The Spice Trail

River Sichuan Restaurant (Sai Ying Pun) For those who love a kick in their food, River Sichuan offers a homey and value-for-money introduction to the world of spice-heavy Sichuanese food. Dive into a world of bold flavors with some dan dan noodles, or a spicy and sour fish soup. For those who might be less adventurous in their spice tolerance, River also offers non-spicy classics done well such as their sweet and sour pork. Address: 62 Centre St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong OpenRice:

6. Chiuchow: A Culinary Heritage

Tak Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant (Kennedy Town): Recently honored with a Michelin Bib Gourmand recommendation in the Michelin Guide 2023, Tak Kee offers an authentic Chiuchow dining experience. Come for its pork tripe and peppercorn soup, that uses different peppercorns from around Asia for an all-rounded explosion of flavour! Address: Shop G, 3 Belcher's Street, Hong Kong OpenRice: —-------------------------------

As we wrap up this culinary journey, it's essential to note that this is just the tip of the iceberg. China's vast and diverse regions offer a plethora of unique and mouth-watering dishes and the variety of restaurants serving these cuisines is only continuing to grow. While we've covered some of the most popular regional cuisines available in Hong Kong, there are many more waiting to be explored. In future articles, we’ll continue to delve deeper into the world of Chinese regional cuisines in Hong Kong. Until then, happy eating!

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Arnaud Francillon
Arnaud Francillon
Oct 03, 2023

Thanks thanks for the tip! Hong Kong is definitely a great place when it comes to food. Some many options available, especially in terms of Chinese food. Always great to be able to discover new places!

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