Doris Leung: The motor and the spirit behind Diamond Cab

Once upon a time lived a happy Hong Kong family. There was a Mom a Dad and three kids: Two sons and one daughter named Doris, in the middle. Both her parents worked at their pork shop in a wet market in Lok Fu near Wong Tai Sin. Years passed by and the family grew older and happier. Eventually, the sons married and moved out, while Doris, the daughter continued living with her parents.

Pic 1: Young Mom n Doris

One ill-fated day in the summer of 2006 under the bluest of skies, Doris’ mother fainted. A CT scan showed a malignant brain tumor. Shortly after, the mother stopped working at pork shop.

Thankfully Doris’s office was close by and her bosses understanding. Slowly but surely, Doris’s life began revolving around her work and driving her mother in her small red car to doctors’ appointments mainly to the Queen Elizabeth public hospital in Kowloon.

“That 2007 CNY was terrible. I realized that mother needed a wheel chair to be mobile,” Doris recollects. Doris made use of her little red car to transport mum in wheelchair which was folded and placed at the back so that she could drive her to her appointments.