Designing your daily MTR journey: Introducing Andrew Mead

Earlier this year, a member who was looking to learn more about volunteering opportunities at LocalHood spoke to us about a wonderful tour of the art in HK MTR with her friend Andrew!

We loved the idea and thought that it would be great if LocalHood could do the same for its members. She puts us in touch with Andrew sometime pre-summer.

Months have just whizzed past since and today I finally managed to catch up with Andrew Mead over lunch. You might not have heard of Andrew but there is a high chance that you’ve walked past his work in the Hong Kong MTR. Andrew MEAD is the man responsible for the architectural design of the new Hong Kong MTR stations. Additionally, Andrew also oversees the “Art in MTR” programme to create site specific artworks in stations. Andrew moved to Hong Kong in early 2013 from Singapore where he worked at the Land Transport Authority (LTA). He has managed the design of over 200 metro stations in London, Toronto, Singapore & Dubai.

Not only is Andrew a man of important responsibilities he is also a community guy. A big guy with a big heart!! Not for money, not for fame…he is the one who acts as a guide at the informal “Art in MTR” tours like the activity LocalHood has organized on November the 20th, for its community members. “I don’t have to do it but I like to make the public aware of the beauty and the design process behind the different MTR stations. Many people can talk about the history of the MTR stations, how was the ‘hood was before the MTR station came by etc. but they can’t talk about the why’s and how’s of the design process, which can be very insightful… Until the end of the year almost all of my weekends are taken doing tour of the Art in MTR. Some for friends, some for charities and some for social ventures like yours”. Needless to say, I’m impressed!!