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Deities For Daily Life – A Poem

There are many deities we see standing tall and mighty in the local temples around us.

But who are those who are important to us for our daily life? #LocalHood Official volunteer, the very talented Winnie Tse, pens down a few names and introduce to us through a poem, these local gods and goddesses. Which one is your favorite in the list? Let us know at

Source: Tiny Buddha website ( ), wallpaper by Joshua Denney

Deities are gods and goddesses of all shapes and sizes,

Dwelling in temples of Hong Kong to meet what one fantasizes,

Buddha (佛)is the former prince whose enlightening teachings under the Bodhi tree,

Is spread throughout the world to set troubled souls free.

A goddess of mercy and compassion is Kwan Yin (觀音),

Whose devotees pray to her for their blessings to begin,

Man Cheung (文昌帝)god resides in Man Mo Temple with a calligraphy pen,

Bestowing worshippers with academic and work achievements and a bit of zen.

Kwan Yin, Source: Huaban website (

A Warrior of the Three Kingdoms is Kwan Kung (關公) the god of War,

With his sword by his side he is the protector of business so goes the lore,

For even more riches don’t miss Tsai Shen (財神) the god of Wealth,

Praying to him may bring prosperity but nothing beats one’s own financial health.

Pau Kung-God of Justice, Source: Zhihu article (website:

The God of Justice Pau Kung (包公) can be found in Hollywood Road,

He was a reputable judge in Ancient China who solved cases where his brilliance showed,

For those wishing peace and safety we have Tin Hau (天后)the goddess of the sea,

Fisherfolk built temples to her everywhere to ensure she hears their plea.

For the lonely singles and pending couples they may pray,

To Yue Lao(月老) the old man of the Moon for their love to lead the way,

All these deities exist in the hearts of believers wishing for betterment in life,

In times of trouble, poverty, hopelessness and strife.

Source: Tiny Buddha website ( )


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