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Children's playgrounds accessible by pram😍

Recently, I’ve been exploring places for my energetic toddler to exhaust his batteries. With a newborn baby in tow, it’s sometimes necessary for us to bring along our heavy double-pram (it’s a monster!) and go to places where we can easily push the pram to without encountering steps.

We’ve managed to find some gems, compiled below. Each of these playgrounds is fully accessible via pram and public transport, hence also suitable for anyone wheel-chair bound who might enjoy chilling out and watching happy kids play. Best of all, all of them are FREE!

Tuen Mun Playground

Located within Tuen Mun Park, this is hands down, the MOTHER of public playgrounds in Hong Kong. It’s MASSIVE, featuring a mid-air walkway, lots of swings/slides, a splash pad, and different themed sections with many many fun things to do. My kid can happily spend the whole day here if we let him!

If your kid gets bored of the playground (virtually impossible), there’s a reptile house in the same park which has turtles and snakes to gawk at, and plenty of space for him/her to run around in.

The only downside of being the best playground ever is that it apparently gets crowded on weekends, so try to go on a weekday. It might be far for you Islanders, but trust me, it’s worth the trip.

How to get there: Get out from Tuen Mun MTR exit B and follow the signs

The Peak Galleria Playground

Designed by Play Concept, the playground specialists, this playground is a beauty to look at and so much fun to play with. Being at the Peak, it’s so convenient to grab snacks/drinks, or head into the mall for some air-conditioning/shelter when needed. There is also an area on the top level of the Peak Galleria that kids can run around in, featuring breathtaking views of the surroundings. One thing to note is that there’s not much shelter at the playground/the top level, so time your visits wisely to avoid getting scorched.

How to get there: Get a bus or take the Peak Tram to the Peak, then take the lifts at the Peak Galleria to level one

Kwun Tong Sensory Garden

Located on the Kwun Tong Promenade, this playground is right under a bypass, so it’s shady enough for those hot days and semi-sheltered from the rain. It’s very spacious, with plenty for kids of all ages to explore. There’re sections highlighting the 4 senses – smell, sight, touch, and sound. Walk further along the promenade, and there’re various equipment (eg the bouncy snake below) that kids can muck around with. Bring along some spare clothes too for the kids to get wet at the water spouts! Just beware the dutiful security guard who might come along and get your kid to put on a mask while dripping wet…

How to get there: Catch a ferry from North Point to Kwun Tong and walk to the playground, or walk from either Kwun Tong or Ngau Tau Kok MTR

Ma On Shan Playground

There are 2 playgrounds located within Ma On Shan Park, which are perfectly fine but nothing to shout about. HOWEVER, coupled with the fact that there’s also the Wu Kai Sha beach nearby (great place to catch the sunset), this makes for a fine day out. There’s also a public swimming pool within the park, so bring your togs if you feel like a dip. Make sure to bring your mozzie repellent for this trip, this mum got a few nasty bites near the beach…

How to get there: Walk from Ma On Shan MTR to the park for the playgrounds, then keep walking east along the promenade to the beac

Other worthy mentions:

Belcher Bay Promenade: Read here for our previous post on it!

Tsuen Wan Park: Decent playground right outside the sports centre, and if it rains you can try heading into the indoor playroom on ground floor of the sports centre. Get there from Tsuen Wan West MTR.

Elements in Kowloon: Nice playground on the top level. This one’s a bit tricky to navigate (it took us awhile to find the correct lift), but I assure you it’s possible to get there without steps from Kowloon MTR!


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