Basic whole body exercise to kick-start 2021with a bang!

We welcome and hope for a great 2021 in the midst of new wave of social distancing rules. Difficult once again for most of us to keep fit, especially for those in Quarantine for 3 weeks!! With you all in mind, our 2 fitness buff volunteers Sze Yeen and Nicola, wrote this article on exercising indoors or outdoors, depending on your convenience. They first interviewed an instructor named Leo Velez, who say "I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years and evolved my expertise from general group fitness to HIIT, Pilates, personal training and dance. For me, training hard is easy. But training with consistency is another thing."

Lets keep this in mind guys. The key words is "regularity" and let's put keeping healthy and regularly exercising on top of our new year resolutions in 2021.

The exercises Leo Suggests for a full body quick workout include:

Deltoid Fly - keep arms straight and squeeze shoulder blades together. Start with 15 repetitions and adjust length of the band if needed. Repeat 2x of 15 reps

Shoulder Variations - keep arms straight, do 10 reps sideways then front. Add lunges and single leg balance for modifications. Switch legs after.