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Vlog @ Explorer Ania: Discovering HK's lesser known gem

Originally published: Jul '20

Edited n republished: Aug '21

Many of us have not been out of Hong Kong since a year or more. Looking at the bright side, this has given us the opportunity to look at Hong Kong with a different perspective, to enjoy Hong Kong with a new set of eyes. In this context, thankfully there is Anna Pakula, our team's adventurer and explorer who regularly goes out to unearth the lesser known gems in our different neighbourhoods.

This time explorer Anna Pakula takes us to another beautiful site on the HK Island and gives a sneak peak into the Sai Wan Swimming Shed on Victoria Road, Mount Davis.

In the early 90s, swimming sheds were built along the sea shore, offering locals a spot to relax in the open waters. Today, Sai Wan is the only remaining swimming shed in Hong Kong, dating back to the 1950s. Located in the Western District, the shed is very very local and little known by the expat community. Please do not disturb the tranquility of the surroundings. This super hidden and very little know is a paradise for swimmers as well as those who would like a little quite corner to chat or sip a drink (BYOB).

Hope you take as much pleasure to discover this place as well as we did. TO BE ENJOYED ALONE OR WITH FAMILY😊🤩!!

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