5 Iconic streets in HK Island

We all know that Hong Kong has a rich history of culture, traditions and economic exchange that has resulted in a mixed-pot diversity within our communities.

Though a lot of the "old" has been unfortunately destroyed, there is thankfully a lot of Hong Kong history in it's streets. The streets and roads are littered with small remnants of the past that give a specialized emphasis in the present, we learn about Hong Kong through our experiences with it, its history is ingrained in every detail! From city planning to antique stores to war memorials and temples, Hong Kong today is a fusion of the past, present and future.

Delve into the beauty of Hong Kong by checking out these iconic streets in HK island!

Graham street:

Location: MTR Hong Kong Station Level 3 Shop HOK 48 Central, Central, Hong Kong

Alex Croft, a commissioned muralist had unknowingly rendered one of the most common picture places in Hong Kong. This mural pays homage to the densely packed residential buildings of Yau Ma Tei whilst paying regards to the ostentatious brilliance of the present culture in Hong Kong. The mural is a combination of timely history and artistic rendition that will