You are not alone : Social distancing ideas to help us fight Covid-19 together

I feel very fortunate being in Hong Kong right now. There is no lockdown order and yet new Covid-19 cases are under control. No new case was reported for the first time on 20th April. Yaay!!!!

However, SCMP 21st April quoted a government spokesman saying “The most important component in the government’s anti-epidemic work right now is to stop the import of the virus, as well as its spread in the community”. This means social distancing will stay for a while.

I thought it might help to share experiences to help us feel we are not alone while we pracise social distancing in the coming weeks. Here are stories from me and 5 other Localhood volunteers.

Like many others who are bored at home and finding ourselves experimenting with recipes, my family and I decided to go traveling with our meals. The challenge we gave ourselves was that everything must be made from scratch and the chef of the day needs to be preparing both meals based on the cuisine of the same country. Over the last few weeks, we have been having a sumptuous time in Spain, France, Italy, Japan and China. We are getting adventurous lately. Might explore South America and Africa soon :-}

In Pic (left to rt- Top to down):