Easy Veggie: My TOP 4 Veggie Resto Picks

Raise your hand if you enjoy food. Now, Raise your hand if you have always heard about vegetarianism and wished to explore it, but always found the same vegetarian restaurants whenever you googled “vegetarian in Hong Kong”.

Being a vegetarian is hard sometimes because we all have friends or people to share a meal with that are meat eaters. It is even harder in HK because our eating culture is so deeply rooted in meat consumption.

There is an increasing trend of going vegetarian and veganism. People globally seems to be understanding that eating less or no meat could be better for our health. Being a vegetarian also does not signify compromising on the enjoyment of food for both you and your friends, and certainly it does not mean you are only eating salad like a herbivore.

For our LocalHood readers I share below my 4 favorite hideaways that will indulge your tastebuds with a great meal or if you're still hesitating, will lead you to a easy & happy veggie foodie path :

Isoya: Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant - 9/F, 83 wanchai, 83 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai

Let's admit it - Most of us admire Japanese food. That warm miso soup before the aroma from a hot bowl of Japanese rice, that delicate art of sushi plating, or just a quiet evening experience with bamboo utensils and a matcha teapot.