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In Pics: Beauty along the Sun Yat Sen Trail

On a rainy day with umbrellas in full bloom, I set out along the Sun Yat Sen Trail as a remembrance of the founder of the Chinese nation in the month of the Chinese National Day.

How would Dr. Sun Yat Sen, a figure well-loved among Chinese in the world and a master negotiator able to bridge differences, view the recent protests in Hong Kong? How would he set out to resolve the crisis in the birthplace of his revolutionary ideals? From a walk along the Sun Yat Sen Trail with most shops closed in anticipation of protests, I believe he would bridge differences through thought and understanding, for he once famously said: “To understand is difficult, to act is easy.”. And on that note, here are some of the beautiful spots along the Sun Yat Sen Trail to reminisce and provoke thought:

De Facto Leader of Soul Art Shop, Tiger the cat, with lucky Chinese charms. Located opposite Sun Yat Sen Trail spot 10 at the site of the former Alice Memorial Hospital where Dr. Sun Yat Sen once worked as a doctor.

Pic name: Cat tiger

Smiling faces children at the former site of the Government Central School where Dr. Sun once studied secondary school under Western education.

Pic name: Former school SYS

Famous beef brisket noodle place along Gough street where Dr. Sun shared his political ideals with his 3 friends.

Pic name: Noodle shop

Life goes on for one old hairdresser and his customer opposite PMQ, former site of Queen’s College where Dr. Sun once studied.

Pic name: Haircutting shop across PMQ

The resting, ruminative panda up the stairs from Gough Street.

Pic name: Resting Panda

Kom Tong Hall, former residence of a rich businessman, later used as a church for the Latter-Day Saints and donated to the HK Government to use as the Sun Yat Sen Museum

Pic name: SYS museum

Messages of Peace and Connection

Pic name: Connection pic & Peace pic

To discover the beauty of the Sun Yat Sen Trail yourself, go to this website:

And visit the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Museum, details here:

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