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Blog Article:The hood from an artist's eye

Urmila Menon is an urban sketcher and artist living in Kennedy town. In this section, Urmila takes us through different parts of the central & western district - our hood - and shares her very personal take on it.


"According to Wikipedia, Blue House refers to a 4-storey balcony-type tenement block located at 72-74A Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.It is named after the blue colour painted on its external walls. It is one of the few remaining examples of tong lau of the balcony type in Hong Kong and is listed as Grade I historic building.

Well I didn’t want to go to Wanchai in the morning to get in a quick sketch so I settled for the ‘blue house’ in my very area, Kennedy town. I have named it the blue house of Ktown😃. It is the same blue which I have been wanting to capture, juxtaposed with a similar yellow around it! f you are in Kennedy town, try finding my local ‘blue house’ . You won’t be disappointed 😬!"

Have you clicked one here for the gram?

If you would like to discover more of Hong Kong through an artist's eye, you can check my youtube channel!'


Follow her art work:


IG : @urmimenon

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