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Going crazy on Street Art @ Sai Wan🎨

You'll find it on the staircase, the walls, the shop shutters, hidden in nooks and corners. That crazy beautiful street graffiti that catches your eye, brings a smile to your face or makes you ponder. Taking a picture of these pieces is a great way to jazz up your Instagram for sure, but the graffiti is more than just that. These art pieces democratise art for the artists, as well as the art amateurs ultimately becoming a part and parcel of our neighbourhoods. Here is our roundup of some of our favorite street art and graffiti in the western district.

  1. Queens Road West, Sai Ying Pun

Once night falls and when shutters are down, parts of our Sai Wan neighbourhood transform into a beautiful art gallery. These pieces can be seen on the shutters on 160 Queens's road west.

What we love about this work? Its transience. It’s like a secret, a private joke between the protagonists of the art piece and its admirers.

2. Near Caine Lane , Sheung Wan

This coy old Chinese Lady hides close to Caine Lane. It won't be easy to find, her but totally worth your while.

What we love about this work? The details of the work: The silvery hair, watery eyes, the lines on her tired skin are stark contradictions to the smile on her face.

3. Off bridges Street, Sheung Wan

This black and white longish piece 'rests' just off Bridges Street 😉😉. Brazilian artist Alex Senna celebrates Brazil-HK love through this piece ❤️ and puts in perspective the man-dog companionship. We love it!

What we love about this work? The very cartoonish, comic book feel of the graffiti which takes us back in time to our childhood.

4. Along Hollowood Road, Sheung Wan

Ever been on the staircase between Hollywood Road and Square Street? Our challenge is you won’t be able to but stare at these mysterious eyes looking right back at you, amidst a festival of pastel colors.

What we love about this work? The use by Hopare of variations of straight lines going from parallel to interlaced ones giving form to the beautiful piece of art.

5. Connaught road, Sai Ying Pun

Hope you like black and white murals because as you can see, we sure do. Now what do we call this one? A horse? Some sort of reptile? Wrong. It’s a fantastical creature straight from the very fertile imagination of its creator Alexis Diaz, a Puerto Rican artist.

What we love about this work? The meticulously hand painted piece using brushstrokes!! We wonder how many hours did it take him to make this one…

6. Ladder street, Sheung Wan

This piece by the French artist Elsa Jeandedieu is another good one. The girl's smiling face brought a spring in our walk...

What we love about this work? We just love the words which resonated with us and really made us think. What about you?

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