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When Luxury meets Nature...

The rains finally arrived after a blistering week of Hong Kong humidity, and what more could one ask for, but, for a Saturday binge of pampering and indulgence. This lucky Saturday afternoon R&R for three Localhood ladies came courtesy the Emmanuel f. This premium one-stop head-to-toe beauty and wellness Spa, just recently, had graciously agreed to partner Localhood in offering a very special discount for our members from the month of September.

The one thing that makes Emmanuel f stand out amidst the many salons in the area, is its commitment to providing luxurious indulgence, using the best of natural and organic products. The products have been painstakingly selected to deliver excellence without compromising this promise. While most of the skin treatments use the Phyt’s range of French natural formulas, the Organic Ceratin systems and John Masters Organics products are used for the hair treatments.

Spa Treatments

There is a unique range of therapeutic, as well as, slimming body treatments offered by the Spa to cater to specific requirements of each client.

One of us ladies had just returned from a binge-eating holiday and was treated to the Lymphatic Drainage Slimming Body treatment. This is a specialized massage curated to give an intense detox to the body from all the accumulated toxins. The massage is done gently and skillfully, and surprisingly, without using any oil or cream. At the end of the 60 minutes, one was left feeling very relaxed, rejuvenated and energetic. We recommend this one, as an absolute must to wash away the ill-effects of an unregulated eating and drinking lifestyles common in our hectic lives.

The other Localhood lady member had recently signed up for cardio sessions at a gym and with no prior experience of working out, had ended up having sore muscles. She was recommended the soothing and relaxing "Sensorial massage." It made her feel totally re-energized after the 60 min session. What she loved the most, was the calming environment and the use of a massage oil that was light & non-sticky and had a relaxing mild fragrance.

Hair Treatments

The Localhood member who decided to get a brand-new haircut could not stop raving about the incredible experience of having her hair washed and massaged under a starry night sky reminiscent of Van Gogh's masterpiece. The twinkling and changing stars in the hair washing room created a relaxing and tranquil ambience. Getting a haircut was not exactly, on the list of her favourite things to do on a weekend. But Emmanuel f made her change her mind, what with their choice of teas and coffee to relax her while their friendly and expert hairstylist, Chris (ex-Toni & Guy Central hairstylist) gave her a cut she absolutely loved. She also endorses the citrus peel and brown sugar organic French body scrub she picked up from there that provides perfect body indulgence in this humid weather leaving the skin silky smooth and refreshed.

Emmanuele f also has special spa services for kids and teens at a discounted price, just in case you happen to be a working parent who feels guilty to take-off for the salon on a weekend

We hope sharing our amazing experience with the rest of the community will tempt you busy souls too, to go take a luxury break from your busy lives the natural Emmanuel f way. You sure are going to love every bit of it! We three frankly, can’t wait to return for more.

Special Discount from 1st September for all Localhood members: 20% off on FULL body massage/ lymphatic drainage(60 mins or +)/ 20 mins complimentary hair treatment (worth HKD 1290 ) the SAME day as your hair cut

Address: U/G Floor, The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan; Call 2167 8280;

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