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In Pictures: The funny & exaggerated differences between Eastern & Western culture

We often compare Hk (and more globally China and other Asian countries) with the west. Research on understanding of Chinese/Asian culture vs.Western has given some interesting results.

The icons you see below were designed by Yang Liu who was born in China and educated in Germany, and compiled by our own Des Cheung. Our mixed team of expats and locals found them funny. Not always accurate but most got us thinking and a smile on our face. And finally is this not what is a need of today?? Get together and smile 😁👍.

They apply to all Asians, including the Indians, Japanese, Thais, Koreans, Indonesian, Malays, Dayaks, etc...You should quickly be able to understand the color code:

Blue = Western thought and culture

Red = Asian/Chinese thought and culture

On Opinion

On Punctuality

On Way Of Life

On Contacts

On Anger

On Three Meals A Day

On Dealing With Problems

On Traveling

On Eating At A Restaurant

On Parties

On Sunday Drives

On Transportation

On Retirement

On Mood & Weather

On Showing Your Emotions

On Bathing

On Self Importance

On Stomach Ache Cures

On Beauty

On Waiting In Line

On What's Trendy

The Child

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