Minimalist Hong Kong Bag Maker Cafuné Sets Sights on China’s Niche-Minded Fashionistas

"It’s a classic Instagram photo for those with an eye for minimalism: designer sunglasses, a cup of coffee, and a small black clutch, all arranged neatly on a polished marble surface. Queenie Fan brings this vibe into a single handbag collection for her brand Cafuné, which she and co-founder Day Lau debuted online and in Hong Kong stores late last year. Cafuné’s soft leather bags boast ultra-thin marble slabs, an unusual characteristic for a handbag accessory that Fan is confident will help Cafuné stand out in a highly-competitive independent designer bag market. They’re ready as they can be—their first round of marble bags, which are currently sold online and at a K11 boutique in Hong Kong,

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