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Tried and tested: Off-the-beaten-path Sports/Fitness classes

Someone wise once said that one is never too old to pick up new knowledge and deepen our existing interest. These new knowledge or interest could be stuff like skills, hobbies or maybe languages.

So, Renee, Pooja and Nicola Volunteers part of the LocalHOod Official website team decided to try out new activities in Sports/Fitness which might seem off the beaten path for adults.

Renee gave a try to bouldering and Cross-fit, Pooja tried Pole dancing and Nicola tried Boxing and Taekwondo. Read on our personal experiences with these 5 sports..

But if you are a new comer to the world of fitness and are wondering which sport might suit your personality, you might want to take the What Sport Is For Me Quiz - ProProfs Quiz to start with.

Crossfit & Bouldering

Renee: Crossfit was the last exercise I would have seen myself doing in the past. I generally like low-intensity workouts like taking a walk or going for a hike. I wanted to challenge myself so I thought it would be useful to try Crossfit as I had heard good things about the intensity of Crossfit workouts and the community-driven spirit of its gyms.

My first class was a whirlwind of high-intensity exercises, weightlifting, and aerobic workouts. I was out of breath, but the energy and the camaraderie among the participants was just great. It's about physical strength yes but it’s equally about mental toughness and pushing your limits.

After having tried it, I saw that Cross-fit is not just a workout; it's a lifestyle. I’m not entirely sure that it’s for me in the long run but I definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for a boost in confidence! CrossFit Typhoon ( has recently relocated to Shek Tong Tsui.

If you decide to take the plunge and go for a full membership, Crossfit Typhoon offers several options for memberships including Unlimited packages which allow for unlimited visits to their gym and participation in their classes, to packs of lessons for those who aren’t sure whether they want to commit to an unlimited supply of Crossfit training!

Bouldering, on the other hand, was a very different kind of challenge compared to Crossfit.

Unlike Crossfit, it's not about speed or reps but about strategy and strength. I remember staring at the climbing wall, analyzing the holds, and plotting my route… I had tried rock climbing as a teenager but this was certainly very different (not least because there were no ropes holding you to the wall!). The introductory safety video I watched was also more than a little bit terrifying as the video shared that falling from the wall in the wrong way could lead to all manner of broken bones and other serious injuries…

The first few attempts were humbling, to say the least. My fingers strained to grip the holds, and my feet searched for stable positions. But with each climb, I felt a little more confident, a little more in tune with the wall. The thrill of reaching the top, of conquering a particularly tricky route, is indescribable. Bouldering is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. It's about problem-solving, patience, and perseverance. And while I may have had a few falls and scrapes along the way, the journey has been incredibly rewarding.

Since I started bouldering, I’ve returned to the wall now and then whenever I want a workout that is more of a mental exercise than just a purely physical one. And luckily enough, falling in the ‘right’ way has never been too hard… no broken bones here, even from a pure beginner!

For those new to bouldering, a quick and fun introduction would be at Keep Climbing ( in Sheung Wan. Although bouldering requires specialised shoes and chalk to keep your hands sticking properly to the wall, Keep Climbing allows participants to rent these directly at the gym for maximum convenience. Interested boulderers can buy a one-time climbing pass for $150, which includes a short safety briefing and training session. If they are interested to keep going, a pack of 10 climbing sessions can be bought for $1200, bringing the cost of a climb down to $120 per time!

Pole Dancing:

Pooja: Why Pole Dancing some people asked me amused. Now there were 2 reasons for that: 1stly one of our LocalHood colleagues, a guy, used to take Pole Dancing classes and always seem to enjoy it. So, I was intrigued. Secondly, I wanted to experience Pole dancing for myself as there is a taboo with Pole dancing that exists even today. For example, my coach said that she was happy that I joined the class as Indians don’t usually join.

My trial class, I will admit, was not the easiest. To begin with, I did not have an attire for Pole Dancing. Anyway, the coach just asked me to pull up my shorts and carry on. I consider myself fit and sport but Pole dancing I felt was calling upon muscles that I didn’t even know existed! We learnt some basic movements and I clearly struggled throughout the 45 mn class, despite the encouragements of my coach.

I really enjoyed seeing my coach dancing with ease and it made me want to learn the dance.

So, the verdict is that pole dancing is not for everyone, and it is a REAL exercise. My palms and body was hurting for a few days after the class. Pole dancing clearly requires persistence, I'm glad I took the trial and I’m determined to try it further!

Boxing and Taekwando

Nicola: I took boxing classes at a gym called Eliment Fitlax in Causeway for a couple of years. My coach- Coach Dong -over the years has become like a big brother figure to me and I would recommend him to everybody! Boxing not only helped me get in shape and muscle-up as it is a sport that works your whole upper body and your legs and it is great cardio overall. But I feel that Boxing also helped me learn how to control my temper and become more of an emotionally steady person in life. Boxing also consists of sparring which is friendly fighting 1 vs 1. I would recommend boxing if you are into martial arts and looking into wanting to do some good and fun cardio.

Actually taekwondo is not a new sport for me. I took taekwondo starting in the year of 2012. I started at a white belt at the very beginning and got up to a red belt but never managed to finish at a black belt. Taekwondo is essentially a korean martial art it works your body and your mind. I loved taekwondo and met a lot of friends and formed friendships with people over the years. I would recommend taekwondo especially with master Sam and master Billy at my taekwondo school which is in fortress hill and known as the best taekwondo school in Hong Kong. It is called Ssang Yong Kwan.

I would highly recommend both adults and children to learn from them. A parent kid class would also be a great idea with this sport. It teaches you good discipline and also you learn a lot of self defence. One thing I definitely remember from what my teachers have said is that you only use the skills of taekwondo for self-defense not to harm people on purpose.


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