The homeless in HK during Covid

As we can expect Hong Kong’s homeless population has been growing over the past year especially as the coronavirus devastates the Hong Kong economy taking with it un unprecedented number of jobs and forcing many others to go into unpaid leave or work shorter weeks. This has dramatically effected their livelihood and forcing many below the poverty line.

Charities like Saint James settlement, Sunshine action, MSF (Doctor's beyond borders) and others are working around the clock but still finding it hard to care for the Homeless due to tighter government regulation on social distancing, which thought important make it harder to reach the needy. Despite the Covid-19 threat their teams have continued to visit the homeless on the streets regularly, while still observing social-distancing rules.

Pic: Young and Homeless in HK

To quote plights on homeless highlighted in the SCMP, a street sleeper going by the name Li, a former street cleaner found himself unemployed for three months was obliged to take refuge at a hostel run by the MSF.

“At first, I lived in a hostel which cost HK$250 per day, but I soon realized that it was to