Sustainability warriors🎉🎉: The improbable destiny of Paul Zimmerman

This is not an article.

This is a story of life happening.

In a small Dutch town in the 70s, Paul is in his teens. He stays with his businessman dad, working mom and 4 siblings. He dreams to travel to far way lands in search of a more exciting life. He was been looking for adventure.

God listens.

After his study Paul is proposed a 3-month traineeship in Hong Kong. He leaves his European home, bringing in his baggage his degree in Economics, his love for the outdoor life and his can-do attitude.

Once in Hong Kong, Paul quickly realizes that he is not a banker. He however falls in love with the city. Within 2 months of arriving in HK Paul was hiking, sailing and scuba diving. He loves his Hong Kong life (mostly outdoorsy one, here)!!