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Summer fun Camps for Children 😍

With the school summer holidays just around the corner as well the humid, hot, and damp weather together with it, while many students and teenagers may have the opportunity to travel abroad and escape this, some may find themselves in Hong Kong, a skyscraper city that has plenty to offer for us adults mostly. But does this city hold anything interesting for our young folks during their escape from their strives of academia? Our localhood writer Saravanan, will visit some fun and interesting “escapes” or camps that you can enrol your young champions into and not forgetting, you get a wee bit of free time from not having them around!

Being in Hong Kong during summer, one would resort to places like theme park adventures, cultural experiences like the museums and art centres, hiking trails and swimming pools. These can offer a few day activities, but what makes it even more fun is to attend camps and excursions that allows them to develop skills that are useful in life, but also develop leadership skills that can be used for the future, which honestly comes in handy! You might be thinking, we have such things in Hong Kong? Yes, we do, and first up, we have the “Treasure Island Group”, who not only offer interesting activities for kids, but adults alike. Checking out their website, you will soon find out they offer summer camps for kids ranging between 5 -17 years of old and the activities vary from surfing, to hiking, stand up paddle boards and leave no trace course, where at the core of the trainings embodies then Seven Principles of Leave No Trace. As for the slightly older kids who are open to a slightly adventures camp, they offer kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and not forgetting survival skills that may come in handy! Other interesting packages they offer include Youth Leadership Training that focuses on Adventure, Community and most importantly the Environment. The camps and trainings range anywhere between 2-5 days and will cost you just over 7K and where might this be you ask? Not so far as it’s around our jolly old South Lantau Island. I have attached the link to the brochure to Treasure Island Group here.

Next up we have the Faust International Youth Theatre. Who doesn’t love a bit of drama especially from our kids! Jokes aside, the youth theatre offers Holiday Theatre, Creative Writing and Musical Theatre that doesn’t leave a dent on your wallet, mostly under 5K HKD. These programmes not only help the participants to build character and communication skills, it also allows them to build confidence to write and express themselves using singing, dancing and acting methods! Classes are offered from the end of June up to the end of August. The range of the age for the participants? Well lucky for you folks they take kids from the age of 3 up to 15 and are conveniently located around Sheung Wan, Tai Koo, Kowloon Tong, Tseung Kwan O and Tung Chung! Not only that, these classes are carried out in compact sizes, making it all the more ideal for impactful learning and fostering new kinships among the young learners. So, if you’d like to cultivate a new movie star, pop singer or even a great screen writer (or just have more drama at home) this workshop is made for you and your young ones! Looking for more information? Click here to view the programmes they have to offer.

The last location I have to share for your young ones (literarily 1.5 till 7 years old) is a place where they can spend their school holidays playing a different sport every day! We all know the kids at this young age are full of energy, curious and of course, full of questions. The one place that comes to mind to burn all this energy is Specialising in early childhood, they are experts when it comes to exposing young kids to six sports (tennis, football, basketball, rugby, athletics and hockey) and harness the key fundamentals of each sport (Imagine having a mini-Beckham at home). The fun fact about training your kids in multiple sports allows them to engage in multiple sports through one program thus developing sporting and personal skills. As they wish to focus on each and every student enrolled into their programme, the team at minisport keep the classes small yet productive. This will allow them to not only build relationships and progress, but to give the attention and support that they deserve. The camps run between the first week of July up to the first week of August, with venues scattered around Hong Kong, and did I mention, no uniform is needed! Making it one of the most ideal for parents who wants kick start their child’s journey into sports at a very young age and build relationships, for their children.

With so many exciting and budget-friendly options, students and teenagers in Hong Kong can enjoy an amazing summer “staycation” in 2024 without having to travel far from home, you can be rest assured to keep the kids “occupied”. Whether you're in the mood for thrills, culture, or sports, this dynamic city has something to keep you entertained all summer!


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