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Stroller/Wheelchair friendly hike to the Peak

For the health conscious new-parents in our LocalHood community!! So, you have a youngling and would like to start doing some exercise again. You don't have a helper and you're worried of exercising with your baby? Or you have a helper because would bond with the baby even during your exercise time?

No worries, it is very much possible to do both!!

Sze, the health and fitness aficionado of our @LocalHood volunteers team 😜, shares her fave hike to the Peak. Hold on! Not the congested Peak Trail. Sze takes you this time through another off the beaten track, picturesque trail to reach the peack. Read on the step by step manual below, so that it is super easy for you to follow😃. Sounds good to you? Get your walking gear on...

For the breath taking view and effort needed, you will thank Sze for sharing this secret trail that only the regulars know. Yes, it is 100% paved and with gentle inclination. The entire loop is only 3 km and easily doable for all levels within 45 mins. The best part, there is no crowd.

Starting and ending point : Entrance to Peak Tram Station (facing Peak Galleria)

Directions :

1. Take Findlay Path on the left.

Enjoy the view as you are walking down the slope. Take a break at the lookout point and enjoy the beautiful Victoria Harbour view.

2. Continue walking along Plantation Road and take the right uphill slope at the junction.

3. Enjoy admiring the beautiful trees and bungalows. At the next junction, turn right and immediately keep left.

4. Turn left to Severn Road

5. Be mesmerized at the breathtaking view of the Southside as you walk down. If luck is on your side, you may even get to see eagles soaring high.

Caution : Watch out for traffic coming from the opposite direction.

6. Continue walking along Severn Road and enjoy the beautiful landscape as well as flora and fauna. Look for the bamboo tunnel, residence of the Secretary for Justice and the mighty tree trunk against railing, nature vs manmade.

7. At the end of Severn Road, walk towards the “No Entry” signs, i.e. back to Plantation Road.

8. Next, take the right slope up along Findlay Road.

9. Continue walking along Findlay Road. Stop and enjoy the view from Lions Pavilion before you end the trail back to Peak Galleria.

10. .If you have an additional 2 hours, do start your walk from HKU Station. Check out my previous stroller friendly hike up the Peak here ….

Do not forget to bring the following :

At least 1 litre of water


Insect repellent

Sunglasses and hat


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