Sticking in Hong Kong through thick and thin

Over the recent past, many have thrown in the towel and left Hong Kong. And who can blame them really?? Chaos and confusion have been all around us. The last two years have taken Hong Kong through quite a rocky ride. First the protests, then Corona virus and then the basic law coming into vigor. Each of us, whether an immigrant or local, has our reasons for staying in HK. It's a fine balance of positives- the things that work for us and the negatives - the things that don't. While we believe that the positives outweigh the negatives we stay. When we start feeling that the negatives are getting heavier we think of leaving.

But what are the reasons those people who have decided to stay in Hong Kong are doing so. We decided to ask some LocalHood Team members the question...


"I consider myself a global citizen. Hong Kong is an international city which has much to offer when you know your way around while having its fair share of issues yet to be resolved. Having lived overseas and in Hong Kong, I find that the grass is only greener on the other side when you've never lived there. Once you have lived there for some years, you will find that every city has its fair share of issues. It's how you adapt and choose to contribute to it that makes all the difference. Hong Kong has much going for it--low taxes, international cuisine, high accessibility by walking or public transport, good business and employment opportunities. Admittedly, housing is a major issue in Hong Kong but there are projects under way in the private and public sectors like co-living spaces. I live in a cozy flat with my family and since getting on the tiny home and Marie Kondo bandwagon, I found that there are advantages to living in a cozy flat- a major pro is that the money stress is lower and it frees up resources on personal/ family pursuits.