Some noteworthy Social Enterprises in 852: Part 1

Social enterprises are businesses that built with specific social and environmental objectives, aim to bring influence on the community rather than profit for its shareholders. As at Apr 2021, there are 659 established social enterprises in Hong Kong. This article comes in 2 parts. Below are the 2 of the 5 HK-based social enterprises that sure to inspire…


Parents of young kids, do you have problems looking for English books for your kids that don't cost an arm and a leg? Have you encountered the problem of not knowing what to do with the books your kids have grown out of?

Hong Kong's biggest secondhand children bookstore, Rebook is the answer.

Started in 2019, ReBook is Hong Kong-based, non-profit social enterprise founded and managed by students. The goal is to extend the shelf life of books by providing convenient and eco-friendly platform for books to be reused and enjoyed by other young readers.

Rebook is located in the heart of the city, Central.