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New Year Resolutions of some LocalH❤️❤️ders

A New Year – a new start 😊 We are so happy and hopeful welcoming year 2021. 2020 wasn’t really a bed of roses. Lives that we knew were flipped upside down. We needed to reconsider many things. We started working from home, home-schooling and we stopped travelling. That is why we are so full of hope about 2021. Yet, our plans and goals for 2021 might still look a bit different than what they used to be. We asked our volunteers what were their New Year’s resolutions. Their answers might inspire you to fill your 2021 resolution list.


1. Learn to cook one delicious dish for lunch or dinner which will become our family go-to on weekends when we want to stay at home. The dish needs to be quick, easy, few ingredients, healthy and delight the taste buds;

2. Keep up with my 3-4 bodyweight home workouts per week routines. Have finished a 6-week ab-focused routine on Adidas Runtastic and started a new Fit and Strong 6-week bodyweight workout plan;

3. Take a career-related course and get certified (it's a juggle between the trade finance course or ACAMS, both are pricey and require time commitment);

4. Read to my son before his bedtime at least 3 times a week;

5. Contribute to the community by writing blogs on local concerns, hosting or helping host interesting events.


1. Learn Mandarin - after living in HK for 5 years and postponing learning Chinese, I have decided that 2021 will be the year I learn Mandarin! So good luck to me! Any recommendations are welcome :)

2. Read one book a month - I successfully did this in 2019 but then lost my way in 2020! So it is time to get back to reading!

3. Exercise - I love WFH as it gives me the flexibility to work at my pace and convenience. But the side effect is longer working hours, more screen time, more snacking! It is time to correct all of that. So 2021 will be a year of healthy eating and more exercise (hopefully);

4. Be present - I realised I tend to get caught up in work / other stuff and I find myself preoccupied at times. So moral is to do one thing at a time and give my full attention to that task. That also means less social media distractions ;)

5. I would love to travel more but I am not even thinking about that as a resolution for 2021! So I hope to at least visit more places in HK / do more hikes.


1. Working out more often (exercise) at the gym or outdoors;

2. Try to go on a diet (eat less);

3. Stay healthy and not get sick;

4. Be more focused at work;

5. Spend more time with family and friends;

6. Spend less money this year;

7. Read more books;

8. Spend less time on electronic gadgets.


1. Deepen my knowledge about yoga and Ayurveda, read more studies about certain conditions;

2. Work on my core strength – this is super important for my overall physical state so it’s a must;

3. Read more – I have at least 3 books started and around 5 that I bought and really wanted to read that are waiting and getting dust, so 2021 will be my reading year 😊


I don't have the self-discipline to commit to 12 months of consistent action hence I've never bothered to make any new year resolution. For the sake of this article, I thought long and hard. What is something that I feel hook and crook must happen in the coming months. So here it goes...

My 2021 resolution is to share, learn and cultivate habits towards living a healthy lifestyle with local communities in a more consistent approach.

Amen!! And may the universe help these lovely humans to achieve their target. Through 2021 and beyond!!


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