New Year Resolutions of some LocalH❤️❤️ders

A New Year – a new start 😊 We are so happy and hopeful welcoming year 2021. 2020 wasn’t really a bed of roses. Lives that we knew were flipped upside down. We needed to reconsider many things. We started working from home, home-schooling and we stopped travelling. That is why we are so full of hope about 2021. Yet, our plans and goals for 2021 might still look a bit different than what they used to be. We asked our volunteers what were their New Year’s resolutions. Their answers might inspire you to fill your 2021 resolution list.


1. Learn to cook one delicious dish for lunch or dinner which will become our family go-to on weekends when we want to stay at home. The dish needs to be quick, easy, few ingredients, healthy and delight the taste buds;

2. Keep up with my 3-4 bodyweight home workouts per week routines. Have finished a 6-week ab-focused routine on Adidas Runtastic and started a new Fit and Strong 6-week bodyweight workout plan;

3. Take a career-related course and get certified (it's a juggle between the trade finance course or ACAMS, both are pricey and require time commitment);

4. Read to my son before his bedtime at least 3 times a week;