Socially distanced CNY: What are your plans?

Another Chinese New Year has come now in 2021 riding on the ox!!

We embrace it with open arms despite the tough situation with COVID-19 and making it even more difficult to get together with family and friends. We asked a few LocalHooders how they will be spending this unique socially distanced Chinese New Year in 2021. Here is what some have to say… Nicola Cheung, American-Chinese: Being an American of Hong Kong origin, I look forward to this important festival. This year around too, I hope to be able to spend time with both sides of my close family. We will have a meal and the best part….receive the traditional Chinese red packets ( I wouldn’t miss it for the world) though my booty risks being smaller this year as we’ll be meeting limited people 😊. My favourite customary meal at my dad's side of the family is beef brisket with noodles which is so very yummy. Spending time with family which is also considered the word “filial piety” in Chinese terms.